Advanced Private Lesson

Advanced Private Surf Lesson

Take your surfing skills to the next level with our advanced private lesson. Designed for experienced surfers looking to enhance their abilities and push their limits, this one-on-one instruction provides specialized coaching tailored to your specific goals. Our expert instructor will work closely with you to fine-tune your technique, improve wave selection, and refine your maneuvers. Whether you’re aiming to master advanced maneuvers or conquer more challenging surf conditions, this advanced private lesson offers personalized guidance and valuable insights to help you progress as a surfer.

Learn how to surf like a pro with Oahu advanced surfing lessons, North Shore. Pro surfing instructor.

All of our surf lessons are 2 hours long, starting with a land briefing were we go over the fundamentals of surfing, surfing etiquette and most importantly ocean safety. Lessons also include fitting you with the right size surfboard and a long sleeve rash guard. All lessons are lead by professional Hawaiian waterman up to date with their CPR/AED lifeguarding skills and have lifelong knowledge of our oceans to ensure you the best surf lessons around. Whether you want a private lesson, semi private lesson or you have the whole family, contact us today and lets go surfing!

What is included:

  • Surfboard
  • Long sleeve rash guard
  • 30-minute surfing fundamentals lesson
  • 1.5-hour practical surf lesson

“Ready to ride the waves and experience the thrill of surfing? Let’s make it happen! Reserve your spot and join me and our team for an incredible surfing adventure. Book your lesson today and let’s go surfing”. – Kala

Quick Details

  • 1 PERSON
  • 2 HOURS



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    Awesome lesson! Our group of 3 ( ages 17, 18, and 43) had a great time and were able to get up on their boards!

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! Kane was a fantastic teacher and you can tell he’s passionate about the sport. My daughter learned quickly and had a great time! Would absolutely recommend this group!

    My brother and I had a great experience with North Shore. The instruction was simple and easy to follow and we were quickly riding waves. The recommended beach was perfect for us. Our instructor, Kane, was a great teacher and very friendly!

    My family and I had a great experience. Kala was great, very humble. We had no idea we were being taught by a celebrity! We all went from zero experience to riding waves very quickly. If you’re planning on taking your children this is a great company to go with, I felt my kids were safe the whole time. Thanks Kala for a great experience. Good luck to you and your ohana, Kala.

    Kane was absolutely fantastic teaching me and my husband to surf. Even though I couldn’t make it the whole two hours (paddling is no joke!), he was always pushing me to keep going or reassuring me he would take me in whenever I needed. My husband had a blast and said he’ll be back to North Shore Oahu Surf School again for added practice as it made him love surfing.

    Kane was absolutely fantastic teaching me and my husband to surf. Even though I couldn’t make it the whole two hours (paddling is no joke!), he was always pushing me to keep going or reassuring me he would take me in whenever I needed. My husband had a blast and said he’ll be back to North Shore Oahu Surf School again for added practice as it made him love surfing.

    My wife and I did a surf lesson with Lawrence on Wednesday, and we loved it so much we came back on Thursday to do it again! Lawrence is a skilled instructor who struck the balance between being an encouraging coach and chill friend. If we could, we would do it again but we are leaving the islands soon. It was a highlight of our trip and we may try to surf back home now. If you were on the fence, I would definitely recommend North Shore Oahu Surf School. Thank you guys for helping us through the process and communicating with us last minute for a next-day lesson

    North Shore surfing lessons on Oahu Hawaii.

    Fantastic experience with North Shore Oahu Surf School. Kane was great with the family. Very supportive when out in the water. He and the other instructors really tried to create a positive surfing experience for our family. I definitely recommend this crew to anyone looking for a great family experience! Mahalo!

    Incredible experience with our instructor Lawrence. He was on time, professional, super patient with beginner surfers and encouraging the entire lesson. Knowledgeable with 25 years of surfing would highly recommend taking a surf lesson with Lawrence.

    Great guys. Explanations on how to surf were clear and easy to understand. They were super patient with my boys and very encouraging. They were cognizant of my youngest and kept an extra eye on him. By the time we were done my two oldest were consistently riding waves in.

    One of the best experiences I’ve had while on my trip to the island.

    My 17 and 12 year old sisters and I went out once with Kekai and ended up going back a day later because of how much we enjoyed it the first time. Kekai was friendly, helpful, patient, and encouraging as it was our first time ever surfing. He met up with us at the most perfect secluded beach with the best waves. Overall we had a wonderful 2 hours in what basically felt like a private lesson because it was just us and keiki the entire time. I would 100 percent go back to this surfing company and recommend to family and friends.

    Kala was our instructor and the person I spoke with over the phone when booking the reservation for my wife, older teen daughter and myself. My wife is not comfortable in the ocean and really needed convincing to join us. From the start, Kala was calm, thorough and clear in teaching us the basics from paddling to standing, and turning. He explained that we have plenty of time and there’s no need to rush — just follow the basics and it’ll cover 90% of the job. Before paddling out he explained the safety paths for returning to the after catching a wave in to avoid colliding with oncoming surfers. In between sets, he continued with tips on what needed correction. My daughter was standing on the first wave, and within a few waves so too was my wife. It was a good time. I’d highly recommend this school and plan on booking again on our next visit.

    Our instructor Kala was awesome! My family and I (age 13, 17 and 46) took lessons and we were able to surf very quickly with all of us having little to no prior experience. Kala was very good at preparing us by providing instructions and practice before we got in the water so we felt comfortable. He was encouraging and friendly. Kala was very knowledgeable about surfing and safety. I highly recommend his company and I would use North Shore Oahu Surf School again for future lessons. We had a beautiful and fun time surfing!